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Move beyond great ideas.

From open government to open data, the current administration calls for innovative ideas, tools, and policies that help you better serve people. Esri GIS provides the resources you need to make government smarter—more efficient, transparent, collaborative, and responsive. With Esri technology, innovation goes beyond great ideas. Maps and applications transform government and the world around us.



Get a robust view of operations. Make it easy to visualize data for complete operational awareness that supports decision making.

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Create a resilient nation. Prepare your agency for anything that comes its way then act fast when called upon.

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Create an efficient organization that quickly meets its goals. Use GIS to achieve smart government practices.

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ArcGIS Online

Everyone in your agency can use location information, regardless of how technically savvy they are. Easy access and understanding can be achieved through interactive maps and apps available through ArcGIS Online.

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ArcGIS for Developers

Developers in all federal disciplines can build applications for web, mobile, and desktop devices with Esri’s cloud services, developer APIs, ready-to-use content, and self-hosted solutions. Browse open source code on GitHub to start quickly using the Esri platform.

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ArcGIS for Desktop

ArcGIS for Desktop is an important resource for transforming data into actionable information. Creating intelligent visualizations brings new insights to complex federal work and informs decision making. Provide the answers that your agency needs.

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