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Inform decisions. Communicate with constituents.

Modern governments use GIS to inform policy making and reach constituents. GIS takes big data and makes it easy to understand so that policy makers can make decisions based on evidence and evaluate impacts by geography. In the U.S., both the White House and Congress use GIS to shed light on the nation’s most pressing challenges. Issues like spending, labor, healthcare, energy, environment, and border security all have geographic components and affect citizens everywhere. Maps provide the bridge connecting policy makers with the public, and open data efforts are fueling the creation of more maps than ever before. Contact to learn how modern governments use GIS to: Make complex data easy to understand Inform policy decisions Communicate with constituents Inspire action or to get started using ArcGIS Online today.

" GIS technology and open data quite literally provide a map to making policy smarter and more transparent. Communities benefit when policymakers have easy access to authoritative data and use it to understand trends, plan for natural disasters and better inform the public. "

Senator Ron Wyden (D-Oregon)


Investigate Policy Issues

Identify resources, assets, incidents, etc. across the nation Understand how features intersect with proposed policy Understand how they intersect with committee members’ states or districts Map appropriations by geography and issue

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